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We can put a cable back on the drum if it has come off.

Do you want to understand your garage doors and what they need? Read the following tips

  • Select a lubricant for your garage door carefully

    The product must not be thick or sticky. Otherwise, it will attract dust, dirt and even tiny bugs. As the accumulations grow, the door may become slower and begin to malfunction. Choose a light product and avoid grease. It is best if the texture of the lubricant doesn’t change with the temperature. The lithium-based products meet this requirement. Generally, before buying a lubricant you should check what the manufacturer of your door recommends.

  • Make sure glass panels are safe

    Choose safety glass for garage door windows and for the entire panel to avoid injuries and accidents. This is especially important if you have kids. Safety glass won't cause wounds even if it breaks because the broken pieces stay in place and do not scatter.

  • Test the garage door spring for proper balancing

    You need to disconnect the garage door opener from the power source and lift the door manually half the way up. If it goes up after you have stopped pushing it, the spring is too tight. If the door goes down, then the spring is too loose.

  • Provide regular garage door sensor maintenance

    The maintenance work should involve careful and gentle cleaning of the photo eyes. Our specialists in garage door repair Kingwood recommend that you do this with a soft dry cloth. Make sure that the sensors are facing each other precisely and that they get power.

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