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If you are looking for a reliable garage door service provider in the Kingwood area, then you have come to the right place. At Garage Door Repair Kingwood we offer services that are affordable, practical and efficient for homes, offices and commercial units. For some service providers, their job ends after they have completed installation, but with us, the job begins only after installing a new door. We emphasize on the need for preventive maintenance and timely repair so that the door functions without any glitch for a long time.

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Installation is just one aspect, but our technicians are experts in repairing, replacing and servicing any part of the garage door. It could be rollers, tracks, broken springs, sections, remote controls, cables, safety sensors, panels and so much more. We also provide high quality springs that last a long time even for heavy duty doors like those in industrial units. If you need to replace pulleys, we ensure that they are done with quality pulleys that can lift any type of door smoothly and efficiently without causing risk to life or injury.

There are various critical components in a garage door like the rollers, cables, springs and end plates. Cables and springs in particular are under extreme tension and can be dangerous if they snap unexpectedly. We provide the strongest cables and high quality springs to guarantee smooth operation under extreme conditions too. The end plates that we install, help bear the load of the shaft and the springs. This way you are assured of safety even after prolonged use.

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Our emergency servicing unit at Garage Door Repair Kingwood is popular in the area as we are ready to assist at a time when you need us. This could be at any time of the day or night or at weekends. Call us right away if you require any assistance.

We guarantee the quality of our garage door repair services in several ways. We have some of the most skilled and experienced technicians in Texas. Our equipment is modern and we keep it in excellent conditions. We use spare parts and materials of superb quality.



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